Spanish is Your Amigo

K12 Spanish teachers might find the book Spanish is Your Amigo by Kristen Williams very useful. You can order a copy from for the incredibly inexpensive price of $19.99. It’s just over 300 pages, and is one of those books that students will keep on their shelf for fast reference when they want a quick answer to a particular grammar point.

I like this book for many reasons, but I think what I like best is that each grammar subject is contained in short concise chapters and not spread throughout the book. There is no need to jump about. It seems Kristen Williams has thought about how to express each area clearly, like students do sometimes when taking heaps of information and then writing up the salient points. The good thing is that anyone can read and understand these notes.

Kristen Williams was chosen as a YouTube EDU Guru. There is a channel for movies that go along with chapters in the book. She is still working on these, doing a couple of short (approximately 4 minutes) movies a week.

Chapter 16 in her book is about food, and she includes a page of vocabulary and the verbs tomar, comer, probar, saber, desayunar, almorzar and cenar.  She ends the chapter with a worksheet for students to practice what they have learned.

Follow Kristen on Twitter. @EspanolEs2Amigo


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