Teach Freshmen How to Find and Cite Photographs for Blogs and Sites

Students enjoy creating Google sites and love to fill them full of photographs and illustrations they find on the Internet. Photographs often help to emphasize their story or post. They are not always familiar with the terms copyright free, public domain, or creative commons. Going over the basics at the beginning of the term will help them throughout their years at your school and on into their future. All of this is vital if you want your students to share their work publicly.

ccpd_smI have created a Google site which helps cover the important points. I can fit this information into a one-period time slot. It has some fun stuff thrown in and gives the students something to refer to after the session. It can also be used for staff training during a GAFE session.

Even if your students are using a school site where district staff and students need to sign-in to see posts, it is a good idea they learn how to cite and give attribution. Teachers generally insist that students do not copy and paste words someone else has written, but sometimes forget to mention the ins-and-outs of photographs and illustrations.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.


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