Students – Google Drive – Mobile Devices

drive_iconStudents are not always aware that they can download Google Drive on their cell phones and tablets. It is especially handy for them to have Drive on their devices if they plan to take and share photographs with other students when working on group projects. 

An easy way for students to become familiar with Drive is to ask them to use their cell phone to take a photo of something in the classroom, such as notes on the whiteboard. Next ask them to download Google Drive from the app store. Once they have Google Drive, they can click  + create to create a new folder, and then upload to get access to the photo gallery google_starred_2so they can put the photo they took into the new folder.

It’s important when starting a collaborative project to decide which team member will create a folder to share. After the folder has been shared and everyone sees that they have access, they need to agree on naming conventions so that they can find and use each other’s work. This should be done before a project begins.

One idea I like to use is to ask the students to star the folder. Click the Drive icon, and then Starred to quickly find starred folders. They can remove the star when the project is completed.



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