Organize a Schedule Document Before Inservice Day

You can write on the walls in Buffalo Grove High School classrooms.

You can write on the walls in the classrooms at Buffalo Grove High School.

I attended the EdCampChicago unconference held today at Buffalo Grove High School and one of the best take aways is the Google Document created before the event which was completed collaboratively during the day. This is normal procedure for many conferences and I would like to suggest that it could be used on Inservice Training Days or other personal development training sessions when several sessions are being held at one time. People in your district could see the notes others took and who attended each session in case they want to make further inquiries.

Here are some things to consider including on your Google Document for your Inservice Day.

  • QR code to the document on the document itself. The QR code can also be left on tables in a general gathering area, or anywhere people might be meeting.
  • Organizer names and contact information
  • Any services provided by an outside source, such as lunch.
  • A table within the document showing:
    • the room numbers,
    • the name of the sessions,
    • and, most importantly, a link to another Google document, set up just for that session, where people can edit the form. In other words, each session has its own document, ready to use, when the participants enter the session.
halls buffalo grove hs

This hallway at Buffalo High School has couches with plug inserts for devices, and tall tables with chairs.

During the day people will be looking at the schedule to see where to go and when. However, it is after the event when the Google document set up for each event will prove most helpful. They can be referred to during the days following the event and months later. Participants can :

  • type their name so other people know who to ask about the session
  • type what happened in that session
  • offer links to resources regarding the topic that they want to share

I want to thank the organizeers and sponsors for making the day possible. Also, here is a big thanks and shoutout to the Buffalo Grove students who were on hand to guide us throughout the day.


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