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Leyden Symposium 2014 Day 2

I’m not going to try to relate all the many magical things that happened today at the Leyden Symposium. I don’t think I can do justice to the first two speakers of the day. First Jennie Magiera spoke about From Ideas … Continue reading

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Leyden Symposium 2014 Day 1

The Leyden team welcomed us to the Leyden Symposium in the auditorium this morning and offered us an overview of their Digital Evolution. To find out a bit about ourselves we answered questions on Kahoot. The keynote speaker Dean Shareski, Community Manager for … Continue reading

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Importing Favorites from IE and Show and Hide Chrome Bookmarks Bar

Most of our staff have been using Internet Explorer and have lots of websites saved in their IE Favorites. We are initiating a one-to-one Chromebook initiative and one of the features we demonstrate during Google training sessions is how to import IE … Continue reading

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Peltor 10 Earmuffs and Google Educator Exams

It can be hard to think creatively, study, work on the computer, or just read at home when others in the household are watching TV or listening to music. Sometimes a neighbor kicking a soccer ball repeatedly can drive one … Continue reading

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