Importing Favorites from IE and Show and Hide Chrome Bookmarks Bar

Most of our staff have been using Internet Explorer and have lots of websites saved in their IE Favorites. We are initiating a one-to-one Chromebook initiative and one of the features we demonstrate during Google training sessions is how to import IE Favorites into Chrome. It’s quick and useful. Here are the steps:

  • Click the Google Chrome Menu icon
  • Hover on Bookmarks
  • Choose Import Bookmarks and Settings…
  • and then accept the defaults, and next I like to select Always Show the Bookmarks Bar

Your Favorites folder is imported and will show in the Bookmarks Bar. Drag it to another location and rename it if you want.

When the Bookmarks Bar is hiding and viewers are expecting to see it, they don’t always know how to bring it back. Show them these three handy methods to help them out.

  1. CTRL + SHIFT + B   (remember B as in Bookmark Bar), or
  2. Click on an open Tab, or
  3. Click on the Google Chrome Menu icon, Hover over Bookmarks and Click on Show Bookmarks Bar

Below is a screenshot movie on YouTube demonstrating these tips.


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