LiveBinders can be used by anyone who wants to organize a site around a certain subject. For timid users who want to begin to use a bit more technology in their classroom, without the fear of being overwhelmed, LiveBinders might be a good place to start. For tech coaches it makes a nice lunch and learn topic because you can cover the features in a lunch period.

LiveBinders is easy to use without a high learning curve.  Tabs and subtabs are used, just like a filing cabinet, to organize your stuff. To sign up you need to create a user name and a password, and be over thirteen years old.  That’s it! There is nothing to download. You can access it anywhere you have a connection to the Internet and your LiveBinders will look and act the same on an Apple or Windows based computer. You can invite people to collaborate on your LiveBinders.  Your students can also create and then gather research and even use their LiveBinders as part of a presentation.  You can create several. Oh, and it’s free.

Image of LiveBinder exampleDuring an iPad unconference I happened to be sitting with a group of Spanish language teachers all wishing for a one-stop-shop resource of tools for teaching Spanish on the iPad. I offered to do the research and report back via the Google spreadsheet that was posted for the unconference. I created a LiveBinders, posted the address for the others, and began to find and include many interesting sites. It grew, and as time went by, I broadened the focus including information that could be used without iPads. It continues to be a work in progress.

Listed below are some examples of LiveBinders being used in Education, and to see my Spanish LiveBinders you can click on the photo above.



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