How to Read Don Quixote in Spanish and English Side by Side on your iPad

Would you like to read Don Quixote in Spanish and English at the same time on your iPad? I wanted to try it, and here are the steps that worked for me:

  • I opened the Side by Side app, using the choice of one screen on top of the other.
  • I went to Project Gutenberg on each browser, and typed Cervantes in the Search area in both browsers.
  • In one browser I chose the Spanish edition and I chose English for the other.

Below is a picture of the results. I have the free Side by Side iPad so an advertisement appears at the bottom. You can buy the app to eliminate the ad.

The Side by Side app could be used in various ways in world language classes. One idea that comes readily to mind is having a translation of a poem alongside the original shown through a projector while discussion takes place in the classroom. You can also take notes in one of the screens and save them to Dropbox. Read the comments on the Side by Side App iTunes page to see some favorable comments that students have made.

I found the Side by Side iPad app about a year ago and have been happy with it. There are some other choices out there though, that you might like to try. Here is a good list from Greg Swanson.


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