Windows 8 – Adding a New Language Pack to Windows 8

In Windows 8, it is easy to add a language pack to the control panel so that you can quickly switch between English and another language. You can change keyboard settings in the same area. I tried this out on a Lenovo laptop with Windows 8 that I just installed yesterday. I used my iPad to snap some shots of the Lenovo screen which is why the photos are not so great, but I thought I would include them anyway.

This was fast and easy once I learned my way around the Metro look. Here is how it is done:

  • click on Settings icon,
  • click Change PC Settings
  • click on general settings,
  • scroll down to Language and click on Language preferences
  • click Add a language
  • scroll down to the language you want to add, or type the name of the language in the Search box
  • choose from the various choices that are available
  • click add
  • if you want to make it the default language, move it up to the top

Test to see if it works by opening up your Internet Explorer.

It’s much easier to change between one language and another then it used to be with Windows 7 or earlier operating systems. Simply go into the control panel and move the language you want as dafault to the top of the list. It’s fast to change it back again if you share the computer with someone who prefers a different language setting.


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