Screenshot – Frame Maker iPad App and School Schedule as iPad Wallpaper

Screenshot - Frame Maker iPad app by Neoos Software

Screenshot – Frame Maker iPad app by Neoos

Our school is on a block schedule and it’s not easy to remember exactly when a period ends or begins. I’ve changed my iPad wallpaper to our school schedule. I almost always have my iPad close at hand, so now when I get a request for an appointment during a specific period, I can glance at my iPad and quickly see the times. This can be particularly useful on the weekends. I’ve been eager to try out the Screenshot – Frame Maker iPad app so I thought this was a good opportunity to do that as I could show you how the schedule looks on the iPad.

school_schedule_iPad_wpFirst I put the school schedule photo into my Camera Roll, then opened it in Screenshot. The app lets you choose a white or black iPad or iPad mini to put your screenshot into. Your first 5 screenshots are free. For $0.99 you have unlimited use. I saved the Screenshot photo to my Camera Roll and then uploaded it for you to see. The photo is perfect in portrait mode so I tilt my screen from landscape when I need to. If an icon is covering the period I need I put my finger on the icon and move it to the side. One thing to keep in mind is to add a bit of space at the bottom when you are in PhotoShop to your photo. The icons in the dock area are stationary.


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