Photo 1 of 365Photo Project – Adios Clutter, Hola Phoster!

Photo 1 – Shower Curtain (January 1)

My first item for the year is a shower curtain sitting on a shelf, no longer being used. I took a picture of it on the washing machine before popping it into the washer and dryer to freshen it up before donating it. Picture 1 is the shower curtain on the washing machine, picture 2 is the feather I decided to use for my finished product which is picture 3.

phoster_iconI almost always use SnapSeed to crop my photos. It is a great little program that used to cost $4.99 but which is now free. It’s a great tool to have. I used the Phoster app which is usually $1.99 but was a free app yesterday.

I also used the program Etchings to filter the feather before putting it into Phoster. I have to say Phoster is fun and it’s easy to use. I try out a lot of photo apps, and end up deleting them from my iPad in order to use the space for something else. This app though, even at 43.6 MB, is going to stay on my iPad. I like it! They have loads of templates so even if you feel you are not talented in this direction, I’ll bet you can easily turn out something you will be proud of.

Click the photos below for a better view.


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Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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