Adding Voiceovers to Your Prezi

Prezi_iconI created a PowerPoint presentation ages ago and later uploaded the slides to Prezi and then changed a few things to make it flow better. Now, I am once again adapting the past to meet the future by trying out the new voiceover feature that Prezi announced last weekend.

audacity_iconI used Audacity to create three MP3 files and then saved them to my computer. With Prezi open I clicked on a slide and then inserted the appropriate sound file. I tried to add sound to the first slide but soon discovered that is not a good idea.  So I added sound to the second, third and fourth slides, just to try out this feature.

Here are three suggestions as to how the voiceover feature could be used in K12.

  • Students could use voiceovers to talk about the creation of their work. For instance, they could use Prezi as an art gallery, creating separate areas (or rooms) for various categories of their work. They could do voiceovers to introduce the room, and/or the pieces of art within the room.
  • Teachers who flip their classrooms could use voiceovers in a Prezi to explain concepts.
  • Students can create Prezis and allow their teacher to edit them. The teacher could comment on each slide, or piece of work.

Here is my latest presentation remixed many times into what you see below. I expect it will be morphed again as time goes by. Don’t forget to turn your speakers on, and remember that only three of the slides have sound.


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