Your Google Site Looks Different on a Chromebook Than on Your Desktop

Many schools are getting ready for a one-to-one student Chromebook initiative, however most teachers use a laptop or desktop to prepare their work. If you are using Google sites with your students, be sure to look at all the webpages in your site in a Chromebook before sharing your site with them.

Your site might look different on your computer than on the Chromebook.  You might see slight shifts in layout such as two column layouts overlaying text from one column into another. To take care of that problem, you can try a different layout or use a smaller font in your text. You can also try using the Enter key to move your text above or below the overlapping thereby eliminating it. Generally a small adjustment is all that is needed.

Another thing to be aware of is that when you use embedding, sometimes the embedded item looks perfect in one browser and does not appear in another. It is always a good idea to add a link to the item in case the item can’t be view by the students in the browser they are using if they are away from their Chromebooks.

I usually use my desktop with two monitors when creating Google sites, but I always have my Chromebook open next to me, and refresh the screen to check my new pages and updates.


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