When Your Attachment is Too Big to Upload into Google Sites

It’s easy to add documents to Google sites for your students to use as resources. Sooner or later you will probably try to upload a Microsoft Word file that exceeds the maximum attachment size, which at the moment is 20 MB for educators using Google. 


If your file is too large because you have used a lot of high resolution photographs in the original, you can try using the Tools option to compress the photos and use the Screen or E-mail resolution to save the file with a new name, and see if the new file is within Google’s allowed size. The Tools option in Microsoft Word is located on the bottom right next to Save when you are saving a Word Document. Click the little arrow to the right of Tools.

If compressing the photos doesn’t help, then find a convenient place to divide the document into Part A and Part B, or more units depending upon the size of your document and upload the documents.

Another thing you can try is uploading the file to Google Drive, which is not limited to the 20MB size that Google Sites has. Then provide a link to the document. Your students may not be able to view the document within sites, but they should be able to download the file to their computer for viewing.


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