Getting Your Chromebook Ready for a Conference


If you plan to take your Chromebook with you to a conference, I suggest you download TabCloud from the Chrome Store. TabCloud allows you to save several open tabs and then open them all at once. Getting to links like these might come in handy throughout the day at the conference:

  • Conference main page
  • Conference schedule
  • Twitter hashtag for the day
  • Today’s Meet for BackChannel
  • Google Doc where you plan to take notes


In the photo to the left you will see I have added four tabs all relating to EdCampChicago Unconference Day. I can open all the tabs pertaining to the conference that I have saved there by clicking on the green plus sign to the right of the tab title.

Later when I want to refer to my own notes, or check the schedule for some reason, it’s quick and easy to find them.

Here are the four tabs open in Chrome.



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