ICE Conference – Day 3 – I Commit

The New Orleans Ballroom at the ICE Conference 2014 had the atmosphere of a revival when I walked in on Friday. There she was, up on the stage, yes, Tammy Lind! Although people were already packed in like sardines, my friend and I worked our way forwards and found two seats together in the second row.

In a fast 45 minutes Tammy shared 10 of her favorite tools in the session Appy Hour…Getting the most out of Google Drive. Things went well, and I was getting some interesting information, when suddenly she asks us to commit to one of the tools. She didn’t want us to think for a session about all this awesome stuff and then

  • go on with our lives totally too busy to use it on Monday
  • to save our notes to look at during the summer.

She wanted a commitment! Before we left the room. So in the thrall of the moment, I hear a voice say, “I commit to try PowToon!” Actually, that was my voice.

Below is my PowToon creation. Please, no criticism about 80 fonts, 40 colors, and all that jazz. I was playing. Or, as Mark Fijor suggested in his earlier session, The Ugly Truth of Technology Integration, I was allowing myself a 20 minute bootcamp. I did it last night, at home, after the conference, as I did not want an unfulfilled commitment clogging up my brain or showing up on my daily to-do list.

I used a template that was there, and changed the music to one of the ones they include. I used some of the props just like they were and added some stuff from their gallery. Everything I used was free. They offer upgrades. I received a nice email after signing up inviting me to a webinar for new Powtoonists. I did not commit! It is a fun program and I can see it being used across the curriculum. I think I might find my way back to keep exploring as I barely scratched the surface. Thanks, Tammy.


About Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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