I-nigma is Lightning Fast and the MùltìSac is Featherlight

It’s not bulky. Even with my iPad in its ClamCase shell, the iPad slips inside easily and doesn’t feel too heavy to carry about all day.

Last weekend I bought a MùltìSac Handbag (misty nylon-style) for two reasons. It is very lightweight–I hate heavy bags–and it has a special compartment for my iPad. It was $18 at an outlet store, a good price. After using it for a few days I can say I’m pleased with it.

faster than a speeding bullet

While removing the labels attached to the bag the QR code caught my attention. I grabbed my iPad, and opened up i-nigma and Wham! once again I witnessed the lightning fast response of i-nigma which snaps a photo of a code before it is even within the indicated boxed area. I realized I should jot a post about this great QR reader sometime. At a technology meeting during the week, I scanned the code on the auditorium screen with no fiddling about and once again I had the thought of spreading the word about i-nigma.

Try it out!


About Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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