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Phoster March Madness

Those of you following this blog know that my 365 Photo Project involves giving away or throwing out one item each day. Since I document the treasures going to a new home, I have found it is not practical for … Continue reading

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BeFunky Free iPad App for Your Photos

As I’ve said before, for educators and students in the K12 environment, it’s a good idea when possible to use your own photos. Quite ordinary shots can be altered in so many ways to change the feeling a viewer will … Continue reading

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PicShop iPad App Free Today

The PicShop app which is usually $4.99 is free today through AppGratis. The program has some great filters and effects, some interesting frames and you can have fun with text and make some basic edits. It is straightforward, with no directions necessary, and … Continue reading

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Further Reflections on the Udemy Class

Lecture 6: Data is Apolitical I felt like adding to my post from yesterday regarding the Udemy class lectures by Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo! from a presentation while she worked for Google. She said that organizational political liaisons such as … Continue reading

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Reflection on My First Course Through Udemy

Udemy is a platform that hosts classes, both free and paid, on a wide variety of subjects. I took the leap and took my first class. I downloaded the Udemy iPad app and used my iPad to watch the lectures. … Continue reading

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GiftShopper App is Free Today

Continuing along with the theme of free apps over the Thanksgiving holiday, today I thought I would download the GiftShopper app and pass along my thoughts. This is a basic app that helps you keep track of shopping for gifts. … Continue reading

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Fooducate Apps

Since food will be on the minds of many people as we go through the holiday season, I thought I would write a post about the Fooducate app which I have on my iPad. It’s optimized for the iPhone 5, but works on … Continue reading

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Pencil Camera – Have Fun With This iPad App for Your Camera

Pencil Camera HD has some fun filters for your iPad camera (works on iPhone too) and the app is free today with AppGratis, but is usually $1.99. It’s super simple to use. Get photos from: your camera roll take a … Continue reading

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OpenDyslexic Font With Instapaper

You can download for free the OpenDyslexic font on your computer to use within Word and other programs. When you download the font you get a zip folder which includes: Regular Bold Italic Bold-Italic Clicking on each font will give … Continue reading

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Special Ed and Accessibility for the iPads

Read about accessibility and be sure to watch the movie. What happens if your iPad freezes during accessibility or you forget the password you set? And don’t forget to check the list of free Special Ed apps to see if … Continue reading

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