BeFunky Free iPad App for Your Photos

BeFunky_iconAs I’ve said before, for educators and students in the K12 environment, it’s a good idea when possible to use your own photos. Quite ordinary shots can be altered in so many ways to change the feeling a viewer will experience. BeFunky is one of the simple and fun programs that allow you to make dramatic changes easily without a learning curve. One feature I liked right away is being able to crop a shot without using a separate program. There are a few other editing features as well. Naturally there are some good effects for filtering, and some frames to complete your picture. One other option which some apps don’t give you is a choice of three resolutions in the tool icon. 

I like looking through my own photographs for inspiration as I did today when I wanted to try out the BeFunky program. I used the chocolate covered cherries with my Wacom Bamboo Stylus logo shot. The result is kind of sweet and soft. The photo with the monkey is from our Tiki-Techie office party last year. I cropped out the coconut monkey and featured him in the shot on the right. Who knows when I might need a monkey shot? You can click the photos for a better view.

Keep your photos handy and use them. You will have no copyright issues and you don’t have to ask your monkey to sign a model release.


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  1. We’re so glad you’re loving BeFunky! Thanks for sharing us with your community!

    -The BeFunky Team

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