GiftShopper App is Free Today

Continuing along with the theme of free apps over the Thanksgiving holiday, today I thought I would download the GiftShopper app and pass along my thoughts. This is a basic app that helps you keep track of shopping for gifts. You can keep track of the people you are buying for, what you plan to get them, and you can include a photo.  You can add your budget amount too, and keep track of what you are spending. If you tap and hold your finger for a moment on the three lines next to a person’s name, you can move them up or down on the list. If you share your iPad or iPhone with others, then other people might see what you have planned for them and the surprise will be ruined, since there is no password protection on the app. (App updated-see note below.)

Something planned for the future, apparently, is being able to add events such as Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, etc. This would be a welcome addition, as it would be easier to keep track of each holiday and what you spend from year to year. (App updated-see note below.)

It’s a basic app, but it might help you keep track of what you actually spend for the holidays, and it might help you remember every person’s gift that you had intended to buy so you don’t inadvertently forget someone in the busy holiday season.

Since it is free today, you have an opportunity to try it out.

Note: dated December 21, 2012
The app can now be passcode protected, and you can also create and manage events and occasions as per the comment from Carlos below. Thanks!


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4 Responses to GiftShopper App is Free Today

  1. Carlos says:


    I’d like to add that the app has been updated. The app can be passcode protected, and you can also create and manage events and occasions.

  2. gaillegrand says:

    I added a note to update the article. Thanks so much.

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