OneTuner Pro App for iPad – Free Today

I remember listening to my Sony shortwave radio many years ago while living overseas. One of the programs I enjoyed was Radio Moscow on Sunday evenings when they would broadcast short stories, complete with really great sound effects. Listening to the news from various countries was interesting too, as I listened to many views and perceptions about various events. I loved the VOA, BBC, and especially the CSM. I had a book with the stations listed from around the world, how to tune them in, and when they broadcast. So, when I saw that OneTuner was featured in AppsGoneFree today I was overcome with nostalgia and thought perhaps I could renew that feeling of cultural attentiveness I once had while listening to far off places.

K12 language teachers might enjoy this app as you can explore radio stations in the target language and social science teachers can listen to various viewpoints of current events. You can choose a country and choose a language to get choices. You can also choose by what you want to listen to such as talk shows and music and choose the type of talk show or music that you are looking for. It’s pretty simple to figure out, and you can keep it playing in the background if you want to do other things with your iPad while listening.


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