Adding Profile Header Picture to Twitter

Not long ago Twitter added a new feature. You can now upload a header picture. The photo in your timeline remains the same but the header photo shows at the top of your timeline. Visitors will see it when they click on your profile. Your timeline photo will appear centered on top of the header photo when you are within Twitter. In Tweetbot, your header is across the top and your timeline photo is right below it.

These are the steps I followed to upload the header from within the Twitter program on my iPad. The steps are similar but a bit different if you are at your desktop. Just remember to look for the header photo upload choice in your profile area. The photos below also reflect the steps I used.

  1. Open Twitter App on iPad and click on Me in left hand column
  2. Click on the Tool Icon
  3. Choose Edit Profile

4. Choose Header
5. Browse on your computer and upload the photo you want to use.

Below is one of my header choices. It’s a photo of some pink flowers I already had in my photos. Notice that my timeline photo appears on top of the header along with my profile text.

When you choose a photo from your photo-roll it probably won’t be the exact dimensions you need, but there is a cropping tool that you can use to indicate what part of the photo should be included. That’s all you need to do!

I went a step further. After I uploaded my picture I took a screenshot of the photo and put it into PhotoShop. I copied and pasted the strawberries that you see above on this page and placed them on a higher layer in the screenshot photo. I blurred the flowered screenshot of the flowers, and put a shadow on the strawberries and flattened the image, and then uploaded it as my Header knowing that the dimensions would work. I’ll probably change this soon, as I’m not really satisfied yet, so have a look soon!


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Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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