Lists in Twitter

I decided last week that I need to start filtering people into Twitter lists. I follow around 700 people and I have a lot of noise coming through instead of what I want to read at any given moment.

There are some people I enjoy following that are not related to K12 education. They write  interesting tweets. I would prefer to read those at my leisure. During the week I like to stay focused on education, and the people who follow me expect that I will be tweeting something to do with the K12 field, quite often in regards to the use of technology in K12 or higher education. It’s hard to stay up-to-date, and lots of great information is missed, because of the background chatter flowing past.

Yesterday I started adding people to lists within Twitter. This was tedious. I advise all people new to Twitter to start making lists right away. When you are only following twenty people you might not grasp the importance of starting immediately, but it will make your life easier as the number of people you follow grows to such an extent that you no longer recognize who all the tweets are coming from and wonder where the people in your PLN have disappeared to.

Tomorrow I plan to continue putting people in their place. 🙂 That is, putting people in categories. Since people can be in more than one list, I can add someone to both an “education” list and an “iPad” list if they tweet mostly about iPads. Or someone who teaches Science might be on a “Science” list and on the “Education” list. I haven’t firmed all this up yet, but I can visualize many possibilities.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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