How I Named my Lists in Twitter

List names cannot begin with a numerical character

I had planned to begin each of my lists with a number in Twitter, thinking that they would then be in the order I would like them to appear, with the most used being at the top as number 1. I soon discovered that numbers are not allowed in list names.

Your list will not be alphabetized

So I decided to start with A and work through the alphabet so they would appear in alphabetical order in Twitter, with A being my most often used list, but the list does not appear in alphabetical order.

Twitter only allows 20 lists per user account. I should be able to find the list I need quickly enough even though I already have almost 20, and even though Twitter does not alphabetize them.

I started removing the A, B, C, etc. in front of each of my lists, but decided to put the letter C in front of each of the curriculum categories I set up. Like this:

  • C Arts
  • C AV
  • C English

That should help a bit.

I had hoped to start populating the lists today, and in fact did manage to add a few people. Hopefully, I will make more progress on my list project tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


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Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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