Using Twitilist to Organize Your Twitter Lists

No program to download

Today I went to Twitilist and signed into my Twitter account so that Twitilist could display the people I follow. This is a great tool. It’s free, did not take long to start listing people, and it’s so easy to use. All the people I followed appeared in the top 2/3rds, more or less, of the screen, and the bottom part of the screen showed the names of my lists.

Drag and Drop

You simply drag a follower into the list you want them to appear in. (Remember to create your lists before opening Twitilist.) You can drag them into more than one list. If someone is already in a list, it grays out as you head towards it, since you can’t add the same person more than once. Here is a screenshot from the Twitilist blog:

I’m not completely organized yet. I need to change the names, once again, of some of the lists. I found I did not have many people listed in the curriculum lists. Twitilist shows only the name, and not the bio, so I could not always remember if an educator went into, let’s say, the English list or the Social Studies list. Educators often ask me who they should follow in Twitter and I thought lists titled by subjects might help me answer that question. Now that I have a good start on this project, it should not be hard for me to manage and keep my lists up-to-date, and to put educators under subjects bit by bit.

The main thing is, I have rescued my PLN and I’m on the way back to a more pleasant Twitter experience.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Ben Gdovicak @Gdovicak for making this program which makes it simple and fast to put people into Twitter lists.


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