Using TweetDeck

I’ve been creating Twitter lists this week. I still have people to move about and I can see that this will be an ongoing project as I follow more people, and get to know my present followers better.

Now that I have some lists, I decided to try out TweetDeck. TweetDeck lets you have several columns open at one time. It looks like a spread sheet. The program automatically opened these three columns, which can be changed, but which make sense to me:

  1. Timeline (These are all the people I follow in one column)
  2. Interactions (These are people who have followed, favorited, or mentioned me)
  3. Messages (These are messages sent to me)

I added additional lists:

  • A list of educators I created earlier this week
  • A search column (for instance I found some interesting tweets when I searched “iPad K12”)
  • A column for a list compiled by someone I follow
  • A column for #edtech

Finally, I added a column for a private list.

I hated TweetDeck at first, but perked up when I discovered I could change the background from black to white. Overall, it’s pretty cool with eight columns across my Mac constantly updating. With all these messages flying in from around the world I feel as though with a bit more practice I could apply during the holiday season as a part-time air traffic controller at O’Hare.


About Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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