GiantTimer is Free and Easy to Use

GiantTimer is a great app for your iPad. It’s free, and easy to use.  For 99¢ you can remove the ads. I’m using the free version and I’m happy.

GiantTimer counts up like a stopwatch or down like a timer. It can easily be seen on your iPad screen in large classrooms. It’s gigantic when viewed through a flatscreen or projector.

I like the selection of sounds GiantTimer offers when the timer reaches 00.00. Island Long is my favorite tune and I’m including a little snippet of it below.

I found that I had to adjust the sound setting in my iPad Sounds Settings, moving it up a bit before I could hear it. I had it turned down so I would not jump when hearing the alerts that various programs send out.

If you plan to use GiantTimer when proctoring a test, you might want to select “no sound.”


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