Storify and Work Well Together

I attended EdCampChicago in October. The last session of the day was a sixty minute SmackDown which consists of people quickly recommending one of their favorite resources in a minute or two.  It’s fast and furious! I took notes and promised myself that I would try out a couple of really cool things when I had a moment.

One of the resources I heard mentioned was Storify. I was aware of it, but had just never gotten around to trying it out. I made it one of my goals right then at the EdCamp to try it soon, and if you read my post from yesterday, you saw my Storify within it.

I was a bit confused at first how to get the Storify story into my blog. Most posts from others agreed that it did not work in but would work in However, I found one soul who said yes, it can be done, and followed his instructions and it worked quite nicely. With you use the export feature within Storify, choose Export and select WordPress, and provide your WordPress login details. It published with no problem.Then I went to the published post, edited it by opening the HTML and typing in an opening paragraph and then published my update. All is well!


About Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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