Storify, Twitter and SmackDowns

Just found out something new regarding Storify and Twitter.

After adding the Storify bookmarklet by

  • dragging the “Storify this” button to your bookmark bar,
  • and then clicking on the “Storify this” button while you are in your twitter account,
  • a new choice will appear within tweets at the bottom. You will see:

Expand     Reply     Retweet     Favorite     Storify

When you click on Storify you will see a copy of the tweet and the choice to Tweet it or save for later on Storypad, which is where your Storify account stories are that you can save and work on.

When I posted Special Ed and Accessibility for the iPads a couple of days ago, I created a Storify account and used it right away, figuring out how it worked as I went along. First I found the articles I wanted to use in my story and then clicked the Storify this button that I had installed. However, using Storify from within Twitter is probably going be much more useful for me and I’m happy I made this discovery this evening. I wanted to share this information with those of you who have not tried it yet. Two minute SmackDowns are superb for spreading the word about the existence of great tools, and encouraging you to use them, but sometimes you have to figure out how to use them on your own! 🙂


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