k12 Language Teachers – Enable Language Input Tools in Gmail

If you are a K12 language teacher working in a school using Google Gmail, your students might find the language tools in the Settings area useful. There are many languages to choose from and it’s easy to change between them. I’ve only tried out Spanish and I am including screenshots below to get you started. These screenshots should get you headed in the right direction even if you plan to choose a language with a different alphabet. 

Open Gmail and look for the Gear icon upper right, and then choose Settings.

Look for Language and click on Show all language options

Check Enable input tools box, and choose Edit tools towards the end of the same line

Scroll down to the language you want, and click the arrow in the middle of the box to send it over to Selected input tools area. Click OK.

Don’t forget to click Save Changes after you arrive back on the Settings area page. You need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see it.

Now within the Gmail area when you need to type an accent, choose from the language drop down box to the left of the gear icon

Use the little house icon to scroll through the various characters and then click on the one you need.


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