Organizing the Blogs you Read in Google Reader

I have created a Lunch and Learn LiveBinders that can be used by Technology Coaches or individual users to learn to use and organize the blogs they read using Google Reader. The steps, for beginners, are straightforward and I have included screenshots to guide the way.

Usually educators want to start following blogs of the people that they have met or are following through Twitter. Many educators follow Richard Byrne, Vicki Davis and Steven W. Anderson for instance, and it is normal after following tweets that lead them to their blogs that they want to start following them in an organized way so they don’t miss out on a post.

Here are some steps to follow, and please check the screenshots from the LiveBinders for further clarification:

  • Copy and paste the URL of a blog you want to follow into the Subscription area of Google Reader.
  • After you have added a list of blogs, go back and create folders in whatever way makes sense to you, using names such as Educators, Favorites, World News, etc.
  • Rename each blog putting the creator of the blog in front of the blog name, like this: Stephen W. Anderson – Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom.
  • Drop and drag the blogs into the order you like.

If you find yourself backlogged with hundreds of blogs to read, mark all the blogs as read and start fresh. Then make sure that your setting is set to only show unread items that are a day old, or up to a week old.

Happy blog reading!


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