iPad Apps: PicPlayPost and Phoster

Using the iPad apps PicPlayPost and Phoster / Photo 3 – (January 3)

Adios Capri Pants
010313_p4Today’s photo is of some pink capri pants to be donated. I took a picture of them on the floor. Then I put them into PicPlayPost which is a simple program that has oodles of design templates to choose from. Pick a template and then plop your photos into the design. What could be easier? After putting in the photo of the pants and rotating it a bit, I added a photo of some roses that a coworker gave me some time ago that I have on my camera roll. I saved the photo to my camera roll.

Next I opened up Phoster. Phoster only lets you put one photo in, so 010313_p5that is why I used PicPlayPost to combine my two photos into one. I used the “Men Don’t Protect You Anymore” template, changing the words, the location of the words, and also the fonts a bit, and then filtered it with the Grid filter within Phoster. Very easy.

These two iPad apps are great for K12 students to make posters or use in their digital projects.

Click on the photos below to see a larger view.

Adios capri pants!


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