Having Fun with iPad Photo Apps While Decluttering

Using the iPad apps Phoster and PicShop

I have been taking photographs of items I am donating, giving, or throwing away, and then putting them into iPad apps to make the photos more interesting, with the idea in mind of encouraging K12 educators to suggest to their students to use their own photos for their digital projects. You can get nice results very quickly or spend more time if you have it. This is part of the 2013 Photo365 Project. Below I am including photos for Friday, a fast project, and Saturday, which I spent more time on.

Photo 4 – (January 4 – Friday) Holder for Paper Towels

This was so easy, basically I just snapped a photo, uploaded the photo into Phoster, and chose the “I Want to Believe” template. I only changed the words, changed the font color, kept the background color of yellow the same, and rotated the photo a bit. Really fast! Click on any photo to see a larger view.

Photo 5 – (working ahead) January 5 – Saturday) Water Bottle

I decided to click a photo directly into the PicShop program. I was trying to save the step of taking the photo and then uploading it. This was a mistake. It’s better to take the original with the camera and save it to your camera roll gallery so you can start over really quickly in another program if you want to. When I used the PicShop Meme Maker to type in the quote I wanted to use, I found it dificult to change, although it can be. I left the quote and cropped it out later. Under “extras” I went into the “Stickers” area and then into the “Rage Faces” and chose the strange little man, and then in the “Extras” area I went into the “Attention” area where I chose the red circle. I saved the file back to my Photo Gallery.

I put it into another program for the vignette and the bubbly frame. Which program? I’m not sure. I have about 25 programs on the iPad. As I use these programs more frequently throughout this project I’ll probably get better at spotting particular filters as belonging to particular apps. On my desktop, I’m always using PhotoShop, but with so many inexpensive or free apps available for the iPad, I simply jump in and start playing.

You can do this too. Download the AppsGoneFree App. You will get an alert everyday telling you the apps that are free that day.  When you see a photo app grab it while it’s free to experiment with. It’s fun to mix up the filters by putting a photo into several of the apps to come up with something original.

My final step was Phoster, the poster app. You can see the first and final three posters I came up with. I redid the quote from within Phoster since I did not like the PicShop Meme Maker effect in this case.

Click on any photo to see a larger view. You might think you see William Blake inside the water bottle. Actually, it’s a bit strange. I’m not sure if that is a reflection of me looking like William or if I am imagining it!


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Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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