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Photos 6, 7, and 8 – (January 6-8 – Sun, Mon, Tues) Three Art Books
In my quest of using photo apps to document my 365Photo project of decluttering my home, I downloaded the appGratis free iPad app of the day Doodlecast Pro and made a movie which you can see below. The usual cost is $3.99. This app could be a choice for educators flipping their classes or for students showing how they solved problems.

Doodlecast Pro allows you to upload photos from your camera roll, draw, and make recordings of your voice and the slides you create. To share your movie you can:

  • save it to your photo roll
  • email it
  • upload it to YouTube
  • upload to Dropbox

It’s a basic program that is not hard to figure out. You can put in photos from your camera roll and rotate them by 90 percent but I could not see how to tilt them. There are also several nice backgrounds suitable for K12 purposes, or you can use a plain background and choose a color. I like the redo arrow that allows you to go back several steps. The pen tool lets you choose color and size. There are some nifty pointers too that you can use while recording, that only can be seen while you are dragging them around the screen and you can choose the size and color of the pointers. I liked the star.

Here is the movie I did without much ado, just bumbling along. I uploaded the movie to YouTube but discovered I had messed up the final slide, so I used the YouTube editing tool for the first time to trim the film to remove the final slide. The YouTube editing tool is worth getting to know and I plan to investigate it further.

Adios to three books from my overflowing bookshelves!


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