Three Original Photos Turned into Something Else

Using Cool iPad Apps to Document my 365Photo Declutter Project
For my 365 Photo Project this year I’ve joined the declutter bunch who are finding new homes for items they have at home that they no longer use, and taking a picture of the item before scooting it out the door. I’m taking the project a bit further, however, by taking the original photo and doing something fun with it, usually by uploading the photo into an iPad app. The idea is to encourage other educators to use their own photos for their blogs and other digital work. Click the photos for a larger view.

These are some of the programs I used to change the original photos:

I did not keep track of all the steps I followed. I generally use more than one program, playing and having a good time coming up with various results, saving what I like, and sometimes I keep going to another app until I find something I’m happy with or I run out of time.

The 365Photo Declutter Project
(8 items today, making me current through January 16)
I’ve posted about eight of the items I’ve given away. Today is the 16th so I thought I’d better catch up with 8 more items that I’ve already put aside to go.  I’m counting the writing books as six items, but the Tassimo coffee pods as one, and the navigation tapes as one item.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and think about doing some of your own.

Adios to:

  • books about writing counting as 6 items,
  • a navigation set of tapes (1 item),
  • and some Tassimo coffee (1 item).

About Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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