Greeting New k12 Employees at the Door – Response to Post about Google

This is a response to the post today from CBS This Morning  Inside Google workplaces, from perks to nap pods which caught my eye.

Everyone is familiar with the great features that Google offers its employees, but the following quote stayed in my mind after watching the video that goes along with the post.

Employees who are greeted on their first day of work by their managers along the lines of, hi, nice to meet you, we are going to be working together and does a few other things, those people end up 15% more productive in nine months.

Something similar to this happened to me the first time I set foot in the door at the high school where I presently work. It’s a fond memory of a gesture extended that started my journey here in a pleasant way.

Our school has several entrances and parking lots, four floors, and it is easy to lose your way. I was following the instructions of the tech director who was interviewing me and I had made it to the correct parking lot. I opened the door wondering if this could possibly be the right entrance as it seemed a bit iffy. But within moments a man walked towards me with a nice smile and his hand outstretched to shake mine saying, “Hello, you must be Gail LeGrand, it’s so very nice to meet you. I didn’t want you to get lost wandering the halls so I came out to greet you by the door.” The stage was set, I had a great interview, and I accepted the job when it was offered.

These days our school doors are locked (as most high school doors are these days) and there are only certain entrances a visitor can go through.  A security person awaits one at the entrance so nobody is likely to be found wandering the halls of ivy on their own, but kind gestures can be made, not just by the new boss of an employee, but by everyone along the walkway. The security people at the front door can be prepared and offer a warm welcome such as, hello, how nice to see you, Mrs. Jones mentioned you were coming, let me tell her you are here. Anyone and everyone along the path the visitor takes can make this sort of effort.

Your school may not be able to offer all the perks that Google can such as nifty nap pods for getting a bit of shuteye but you can offer without added expense a smile and the courtesies Google gives their new employees.


About Gail

Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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