Using Momentsia to make a Collage

icon_momentsiaToday I’m using the awesome iPad app Momentsia to show 12 items getting the boot this weekend. Trying to conquer clutter I’m doing the 365Photo Declutter project, documenting 365 objects that I’m giving away by the end of the year. This brings my total to 28 items so far.

Momentsia is a simple to use app, that allows you to add up to 12 photographs into one document. Although you can add photos from your camera roll by holding down on one of the “tiles” waiting to be filled, and then choosing a photo from what you have already taken, it works best if you are taking the photo on-the-spot.

To find the number of tiles you want to use for your collage tap on the tile icon, which is the middle icon along the bottom (it’s the obvious choice because it has colored tiles on the icon). Each time you tap the tile icon the display changes adding either a different configuration of the same number of tiles, or more tiles.

When you get the tiles the way you want them, tap on one of the tiles within the display and the camera is ready immediately to fill that particular tile. I really like this app. It’s easy. It’s fast. It gives nice results if you are taking the shots right then. Trying to use shots that you already have in your camera roll works, but not well because you are limited to the way it pops in and can’t change it much. But my-oh-my how fun it is to pick a number of tiles and start clicking away, filling them up.

BeFunky_iconIn the example below I filled each tile with a different shot. I put each item that I am giving away on a table with some plants and took the photos. You can see the photo just as it came out of Momentsia. The second photo was made by putting the original into BeFunky and adding an effect and a frame. I’ve written about BeFunky before.

I hope you enjoy the photos! Click on one to get a better view.


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