Four Apps – One Poster – Snapseed, Pencil Camera, BeFunky, Phoster

Once you know your way around the photo apps you have on your device it should be easy for you to create a poster for your classroom to be emailed or put on your bulletin board for your students. I recommend using the apps you have and really get to know them.  

In the example today I used Snapseed to crop the photo. It seems as though I always put photos into Snapseed for cropping because I’m used to it! Other programs can crop as well, I just always reach for Snapseed. I then opened up Pencil Camera and used the watercolors effect. I opened BeFunky and used the Vignette effect. Finally, as I so often do, I opened Phoster and used one of their templates for the type and lines.

It didn’t take very long because I use these apps most everyday for one thing or another. Try getting a few photo apps, use them day after day in your projects, and then when there is a time crunch you can be a star.

Click on the photos below for a better view of Feb 13-14 / 365Photo Project.


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Retired Technology Integration Specialist. I enjoy riding my bike, baking, and reading.
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