Tab Packager Extension for Google Chrome

Chrome_web_storeThere is an awesome Google Chrome extension available that allows you to send a collection of open tabs from your Chrome browser to another person. You can obtain the extension by searching for in Chrome extensions. Go to the Chrome Web Store, click on Extensions near the bottom of the list on the left, then do a Search Extensions for, or simple surf to their site from within Google Chrome and download it from there.


In the example I am using in this post I have five tabs that I have opened in Google Chrome with an overall theme of QR codes. When you click on this link, a webpage appears in your browser (works in Safari and Internet Explorer too) which has the five links on the page, plus a choice:


By clicking open everything all at once all the tabs open in your browser. This could be useful in computer lab settings when you want your students to open several related webpages. In fact, I can think of many reasons this could come in handy in educational settings.


Once again, this Chrome extension is awesome!


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