Picadilo is Fun! Play With Your Photos Online

La Merced. AntiguaPicadilo is fun! It’s an online photo editor. Upload your photo and start playing. No sign-in. No learning curve. I’m so grateful for all the years I studied PhotoShop and for all the students and teachers I learned with. But this program, and I know there are some other great ones out there online too, really is super easy and gives some great results quickly with just a bit of poking about by the user. You probably won’t need it, but Picadilo has a tutorial.

I uploaded a photograph into Picadilo of La Merced in Antigua, Guatemala that I took a few years ago. I didn’t write down the exact steps that I followed. I cropped it, filtered it, put in effects, framed it, and used a drop shadow. Then I saved it back to my computer with a different name. You can adjust the quality slider for the quality and size of the jpeg you end up with. I’m pretty sure I saved the highest quality.

The original photo is 2.94 MB and the Picadilo photo is 4.63 MB. I popped over to my beloved PhotoShop program, reduced the size and saved for the web, coming up with a photo of 590 KB to post. I could compress it even more, but I’m happy with this. Click on the photos below to see them larger.

Thanks to @NikPeachey for his ScoopIt which alerted me to this program.


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