SoundCloud for World Language Teachers and Students

What’s special about SoundCloud? Written responses to the podcast can be made by the listener by pausing the audio anywhere along the timeline.

There is a free app available if you want to use your cell phone or iPad to make your SoundCloud podcast. There is also an app available in the ChromeBook Store if you are using a ChromeBook. You can use your Google account, a FaceBook account, or your email address to signup for a free account which allows up to 2 hours of podcasts for free.

You can create a “set” and put podcasts that you create in it, For instance a language teacher or student might

    • create a set for past tense verbs, and

    • create another about the subjunctive

    • create a series on emotions, and ask questions within the podcast for others to respond to.

The one little tricky party is that when you are ready to record a podcast, you click on the Upload button. You are then taken to another page where you can upload a recorded file or record a podcast with your microphone on the computer.

Below is an example of a SoundCloud I created. I used the app from the ChromeBook store to make this recording on my ChromeBook.


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