Black Menu Extension Shown in Tellagami

Yesterday I wrote about the Black Menu Extension you can find in the Chrome Store. Today I decided to post a Tellagami. I’ve been reading about it and decided it was time to try it for myself. 

I downloaded the Tellagami app which was free yesterday on my iPad. Then I used my iPad to take a photo of my desktop computer with the Black Menu open on the screen. I uploaded the photo as my background in Tellagami, and chose an Avatar. I wanted to use one of the many voices that reads the text you type in, but I repeatedly came up with an error message. Other people on the iTunes page had the same experience. However, I decided to go ahead and record my own voice, and that worked without a hitch. There seems to be a 30 second limit but since you can save the file on your iPad you can put a few together in another program.

If you want to explore Tellagami in more depth, take a look at these blogs:


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