When You Don’t See Your Extension Icons in Chrome

black menu gYesterday I wrote a post about using the Black Menu Extension for Chrome. Today I had a question at work from someone who had to use the Extensions Drop Down menu to see their extensions. In case anyone else out there could not see the Black Menu blue G in their menu bar, I made a screenshot movie and posted it on YouTube to explain how to show and hide the extension icons in the menu bar, and how to find the Show button to once again show an icon if you hide it. If you rather read, than watch a YouTube movie, the script, more or less, shows below the movie in this post.


When you are in Chrome, and you don’t see your extension icons, try clicking on the Extensions drop down menu, and you should be able to open them from there. You can rearrange these to suit your preferences by dragging them up and down.

You can also drag and resize the extensions bar so that you can see the installed icons for your extensions. Put your cursor to the right of the star until you see the double headed arrow and drag to the left.

You can also change the order of your icons by dragging them to a different place.

You can also hide icons by right clicking on them and choosing Hide Button.  I’m going to hide the Black Menu icon. Whenever I want it back again, I can go to Chrome Settings, and choose Extensions over on the left, and then click on the “Show button” that appears.

Thanks for watching!


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