Black Menu for Google

BlackMenuForGoogleAre you longing for the Google black bar along the top that Google removed a week or so ago? Then pop over to the Chrome Store and download the Black Menu for Google extension. Continue reading

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Using Fake Tweet Builder in the World Language Classroom

It could be fun in a World Language Classroom to use Fake Tweet Builder. Your students can work in pairs and develop a dialog using words from their vocabulary list on a topic that goes along with their lesson. Avatars and backgrounds can be uploaded to go with Continue reading

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Getting Your Chromebook Ready for a Conference


If you plan to take your Chromebook with you to a conference, I suggest you download TabCloud from the Chrome Store. TabCloud allows you to save several open tabs and then open them all at once. Getting to links like these might come in handy throughout the day at the conference:

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Chromebook or iPad-Which Do I Prefer?

At the recent #edcampchicago I was sitting next to a new friend who had brought both her iPad and her Chromebook with her. She preferred her iPad but knew the battery would not last the entire day. I had faced the same quandary in the morning but opted to Continue reading

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Google Connected Classrooms

11052013AGoogle Connected Classrooms has a few virtual field trip events coming up in November that K12 art students might be interested in. If you have any students interested in learning more about FX monster making, they might enjoy an after Continue reading

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When Your Attachment is Too Big to Upload into Google Sites

It’s easy to add documents to Google sites for your students to use as resources. Sooner or later you will probably try to upload a Microsoft Word file that exceeds the maximum attachment size, which at the moment is 20 MB for educators using Google.  Continue reading

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Chromebook Initiative Is A Community Affair

A major takeaway from one of the sessions at #edcampchicago last Saturday was the importance of involving the surrounding community when starting a one-to-one initiative.  Continue reading

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Your Google Site Looks Different on a Chromebook Than on Your Desktop

Many schools are getting ready for a one-to-one student Chromebook initiative, however most teachers use a laptop or desktop to prepare their work. If you are using Google sites with your students, be sure to look at all the webpages in your site in a Chromebook before sharing your site with them. Continue reading

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Have You Tried Rebooting?

Once again this year instead of participating in NaNoWriMo I thought I would try to write a blog post each day in November. I managed it last year, and planned to give it a go again. I was just about asleep when I realized that today is November 1st and midnight is approaching. Here is a small adventure from the office today. Continue reading

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SoundCloud for World Language Teachers and Students

What’s special about SoundCloud? Written responses to the podcast can be made by the listener by pausing the audio anywhere along the timeline.
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