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Special Ed and Accessibility for the iPads

Read about accessibility and be sure to watch the movie. What happens if your iPad freezes during accessibility or you forget the password you set? And don’t forget to check the list of free Special Ed apps to see if … Continue reading

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How Does Your Google Form Look on a SmartPhone?

A great way to get students to quickly take a survey at your school is to post a QR code in your classroom, gym, or library. They can scan the code and quickly get to the survey. I’ve created a QR … Continue reading

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GiantTimer is Free and Easy to Use

GiantTimer is a great app for your iPad. It’s free, and easy to use.  For 99¢ you can remove the ads. I’m using the free version and I’m happy. GiantTimer counts up like a stopwatch or down like a timer. It can easily … Continue reading

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Using TweetDeck

I’ve been creating Twitter lists this week. I still have people to move about and I can see that this will be an ongoing project as I follow more people, and get to know my present followers better. Now that … Continue reading

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Using Twitilist to Organize Your Twitter Lists

No program to download Today I went to Twitilist and signed into my Twitter account so that Twitilist could display the people I follow. This is a great tool. It’s free, did not take long to start listing people, and … Continue reading

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How I Named my Lists in Twitter

List names cannot begin with a numerical character I had planned to begin each of my lists with a number in Twitter, thinking that they would then be in the order I would like them to appear, with the most … Continue reading

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Lists in Twitter

I decided last week that I need to start filtering people into Twitter lists. I follow around 700 people and I have a lot of noise coming through instead of what I want to read at any given moment. There … Continue reading

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Adding Profile Header Picture to Twitter

Not long ago Twitter added a new feature. You can now upload a header picture. The photo in your timeline remains the same but the header photo shows at the top of your timeline. Visitors will see it when they click on … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo Time

National Blog Posting Month is here and I’m going to attempt to post something each day during the month of November. I’d never heard of NaBloPoMo until this week, but it seems a worthy pursuit. All the same, writing a … Continue reading

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